Black Key Wedding Invitaiton



Bride and Groom full names

Who is inviting? Bride and groom, Parents of the bride, both sets of parents? Please give names

Date, Time and Location of wedding ceremony

Location of reception?

RSVP Name(s) and address

Any additional info you want on the invite?

Add diamantes? * 

Would you like a sample directions and accommodations slip?

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One of our NEW folder style wedding invitations, printed onto our metallic, excellent quality card and printed digitally in classy black print. The diamonds are optional. They way we see it – its your invitation – your design, your choices. This invitation is quiet different from the rest. The folder can also hold your RSVP card and directions and accommodation slip, which can be printed on the same type of paper as the invitation, which make it a stunning pack invitation.

You can add the diamantes for an extra 0.10c each.

Order below and we will post you out, your very own personalised sample for only €10. Write any changes directly onto the sample, sign the back of sample & post back to us and we will follow up with a courtesy call for you to place your order.

1-50 = €3.99 each
50-100 = €3.59 each
100-150 = €3.39 each
150+ = €3.19 each