Farmer & Hairdresser Invitation



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Done in the folder style, this will make you guests laugh, if himself is a farmer and hereof is a hairdresser! Can be changed to any profession (we will work as hard as we can on your choosen profession to put the image in. If you are not happy, we can work on something else – but we have yet to disappoint!).

On the front of the folder is the cartoon of yourselves, the happy couple with your pike and scissors. On the pull out card, we have the wording for the main invitation and a hilarious cartoon of you two on a tractor waving your parish or county parish colours! Specify below your colours and you will soon be waving them!

Order below and we will post you out, your very own personalised sample for only €10. Write any changes directly onto the sample, sign the back of sample & post back to us and we will follow up with a courtesy call for you to place your order.

Envelopes included in price.

1-50 = €4.99 each
50-100 = €4.79 each
100-150 = €4.59 each
150+ = €4.29 each