Damaske Style Invitation


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A polished, single sided, invite with ornamental, damaske detail adorning the top and bottom of the invite. It is in a soft, blush pink, which is very popular for bridesmaid dresses. On top of the invite, is a sweet little verse, which will melt hearts.

Order below and when you receive your very own personalised sample, we promise you wont be disappointed. You can even make changes and include the diamonds after – these are your invites, so you design them the way you want them!

Write any changes directly onto the sample, post back to us and we will have your invites sent out to you by courier within two weeks.

Envelopes are included with the price.

Diamantes are 0.10c.

1-50 = €2.49 each
50-100 = €1.99 each
100-150 = €1.79each
150+ = €1.49 each